A Breath of Fresh Air

How I'm getting back out into the countryside whilst living with MS


I’ve come to a decision: to not go to archery any more. Well, to not think about whether I can fit going to archery into my weekend any more. I haven’t actually been able to go for a while now, and it’s not always been because of the weather!

I’ve found that if I do go, that tends to be my activity for the weekend and, if I’m planning to go on a Sunday, then I have to remember not to be over-active on the Saturday. For example, probably not going on a day out, and definitely not going on a tandem ride. It’s just taken up too much thought and there are other things I’d like to have time to do.

enjoying the garden

enjoying the garden

I really enjoy being in the garden and it is at least as tiring as archery (I mean, provides as much exercise!), gives me just as much fresh air, and I’ve usually got something to show for it afterwards too – even if it is just a pile of weeds!

As you know, we’ve been on birdwatching expeditions too recently … and I really want to get back on the tandem. I don’t know where the time has gone!

I’ve really enjoyed doing the archery and particularly meeting new people. I really didn’t expect my trip to the Paralympics taster day two years ago to lead this far! From having a go at archery that day, I decided to take a local course. I had no expectation of taking it any further but the people were so friendly that I thought why not join for a year and see how it goes … and it went really well!

successful weeding!

successful weeding!

I didn’t ever become very accomplished but I enjoyed myself and got outside on winter days where I didn’t really expect to leave the house. And I actually enjoyed the biting cold! (For a while!)

It has also reminded me that I can keep on trying new things … though for now the garden beckons!


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