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How I'm getting back out into the countryside whilst living with MS

A Sociable Ride

The weather was as wet as the forecast had predicted. It was no day for a bike ride. Unfortunately, we were committed to one!

We had agreed to join the EMpowered People group on a ride that was passing close to our home. So we could hardly back out! We found every piece of waterproof clothing we possessed and waited for the call to inform us that they were on their way so that we could join them.

signs of EMpowered riders!

signs of EMpowered riders!

Unfortunately, there was a slight breakdown in communication so that we could only catch up with the other riders at the cafe stop in our local woods. We tried our best to catch up before then but they were just too fast!

The rain was very sharp and cold against our cheeks. We were soon very much awake! Once in the woods, we were slightly sheltered by the trees and bounded along at a good pace. Before we knew it, we were descending to the stream as it flowed past the mill cafe.

Rachmi loving the hand cycle

Rachmi loving the hand cycle

We knew they were inside from the wide variety of bikes parked outside. It was good to see people again. There were about six EMpowered riders and a good number of support riders. Everyone seemed to be enjoying being out and no one complained about the weather – except to say they were looking forward to a warm shower when they got home!

ready for the return journey

ready for the return journey

It was great to cycle back with the others, being part of a group of riders. It made it all seem livelier and more sociable. In fact, it was all over far too quickly and we had to say goodbye as they continued on their way.

Their total ride was about 15 miles, and we cycled about 5 of them. I have to confess though that I realised that that was quite enough when I got home – I flopped for most of the rest of the day. But it was generally a happy flop (apart from the frustration to not being able to do anything else all day) and we certainly wouldn’t have had our adventure if we hadn’t agreed to go as part of the group. So the commitment definitely paid off!

our tandem is well guarded!

our tandem is well guarded!

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4 thoughts on “A Sociable Ride

  1. Cheryl Payne on said:

    I read your blog with envy. I would so love to ride a bike again. The idea of a tandem seems a good idea. My problems are in the one leg I have weekness and sort of foot drop. Confidence plays a major part in stopping me doing anything slightly adventurous. So frustrating as I was fearless up to the age of 50+. I use my excercise bike at least twice a week for 15mins and dream of being on the open road/cycle path. I don’t think I trust my hubby either!! We have an organisation called Pedal Power here in Cardiff and went for an assesment last year they suggested a 3 wheeler but I would love to ride a NORMAL bike
    Have you any suggestions??
    By the way my holiday to OZ/New Zealand was amazing and we are hoping to return in December.

    • Hi Cheryl,
      I have similar issues with my foot/leg and would have lacked confidence to cycle on my own – the tandem has been a lucky find for us. If you feel that your core is strong enough maybe you could try an ordinary bike with an electric motor. You certainly sound fit enough to have a go! Having seen people using three-wheelers, they are worth considering, though they are a little less accessible due to the width, but I have seen people really enjoying getting out with them. I know what you mean though about wanting to do normal things! I don’t know if Pedal Power let you borrow bikes? It’s also worth getting in touch with Simon Lord at EMpowred People for advice over the phone – he’d try and get you to Anglesey! They have loan-of-bike systems and different arrangements. I hope you do find something though as getting outside is sooo lovely!
      So glad that the holiday went well – I was wondering how it went. What adventures did you get up to?
      Best wishes,

  2. Looks like fun – glad you were able to go.

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