A Breath of Fresh Air

How I'm getting back out into the countryside whilst living with MS

Snow Day

It snowed and snowed and snowed all day yesterday. It was so peaceful. There was no one else in the house, I’d phoned work to say I’d be working from home, and I was cosy and safe, with no reason to go outside.

snow covering

snow covering

Every time I looked up from my desk I could enjoy the fat, white flakes falling silently, blanketing everything. Knowing that I didn’t have to go anywhere made all the difference. I could simply enjoy the view.

rabbit finding snowfree spot

rabbit finding snowfree spot

If I do have to go out in the snow I become ridiculously stressed, worrying about falling over or the car skidding out of control. My muscles tense and I worry until I’m safely back inside.

Yesterday, I could just watch as the snow piled softly higher. It was very calming.

hidden steps

hidden steps

Later, I did venture outside – just a few steps into the garden to say hello to the rabbit and to feel the cold on my cheeks. Then it was back indoors for some warming soup!

snowy owl

snowy owl


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2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Great pictures of the snow, what an adorable little bunny. We used to have a Dutch rabbit like yours, named Oreo.

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