A Breath of Fresh Air

How I'm getting back out into the countryside whilst living with MS

A Winter Wander

It was a bright and frosty winter’s day but there was no-one about to enjoy it with. I was itching to get out and make the most of it – you never know how long such weather will last.

peering at sheep

peering at sheep

There was nothing for it – I would have to go it alone! I dug out my battered walking boots, scooped up my walking poles and headed cautiously out.

I was extremely glad I was wearing my woolly scarf, cosy gloves and thick coat – it truly was a clear, and therefore very cold, day! There’s a little path out on to fields near to our house which is within my reach if I take things carefully.

the frosty path

the frosty path

Even though the sun had been melting the ice all morning, there was still a white sprinkling on the path. I made full use of my poles for balance, and stomped my boots on the grass at the path edge rather than the suspiciously shiny stones up the middle – it was good fun, spiking the grass and manoeuvring myself up the side of the field.

my trusty walking poles

my trusty walking poles

However, the best bit was the sight of the sheep munching contentedly in the field. They were all bashful, I’m afraid, and shied away from any close-up camera shots!

Bizarre though it sounds, I also really enjoyed feeling my hands freeze when I took them out of my gloves to take photos – I definitely knew I was outside!

simply sheep!

simply sheep!


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