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The Tandem Goes to the Seaside


Now that the tandem is part of the family, we decided to take it with us on holiday to Scarborough. It was too heavy to manoeuvre it on to a roof rack but could be fitted on to a rack on the back of the car once the wheels had been removed. It was still a bit of a challenge but one that Pete was up for!

the tandem at South Bay, Scarborough

the tandem at South Bay, Scarborough

The bike was able to take us on trips from one end of the bay to the other; too far to have wanted to travel using the wheelchair and, of course, much more fun!  On a couple of days when we’d persuaded the teenagers to do their own thing (I’m not sure how much persuading was actually needed!) we headed to the spa at the bottom end of South Bay and found a quiet, sunny spot to enjoy the views before sauntering along to the restored Victorian cafe (or brasserie) with its spacious proportions – all high ceilings and relaxing atmosphere.

We then cycled the entire length of the bay, past the South Bay beach, with its colour and bustle, along Marine Drive (very bumpy over the cobbles!), past North Bay and its surfers, and as far as Scalby Mills. There, the heat of the sun forced me to hide inside a pub for a refreshing drink!

at Scalby Mills

at Scalby Mills

We took the high road back, stopping at Blenheim Terrace, off Castle Road, to survey the fine views. We were able to look down on the route we’d just taken and across at the splendid castle, standing firm on its ancient rock. There were plenty of helpfully placed benches to use and we sat happily on one for some time, enjoying the beautiful blue sky and glistening sea.

The journey was about four miles in all but exceedingly good value for the distance! We had hoped to do some more adventurous rides: along the old railway line outside Scarborough that goes north to Whitby, and along a bridleway in the North York Moors. However, I wasn’t up for such escapades this time (heat and fatigue, I think). They will just have to wait for another occasion … and we didn’t really miss not doing them!

above Marine Drive

above Marine Drive

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4 thoughts on “The Tandem Goes to the Seaside

  1. I’m blind and have MS, and a tandem seems the perfect solution to mobility problems. I tried horseriding, but two problems: trotting was incredibly uncomfortable, and 2 people won’t let you just borrow their horse and ride off onto the moors, wind blowing your hair out behind you!

    • I definitely recommend it! It’s made such a difference to my life, both physically and mentally. I did think about horse riding briefly after trying it out on a Paralympic Sportsfest event where you could have a go at all sorts – I had an amusing time on a mechanical horse (I wrote about it last April or May I think). I was secretly quite glad when I couldn’t find anywhere locally! I’ve been very impressed by the Paracyclists at the Paralympics and Commonwealth Games. I hope you are able to give it a go!
      Best wishes,

  2. Christine on said:

    Hi! The tandem does get places!

    Great to be able to enjoy the sea front using it. Sounds like it was a great idea to take it.

    So glad the holiday was such a success.

    Love Mum x



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