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Things Are Starting To Add Up

archers by the river

archers by the river

Archery involves maths! Who knew?! There I was, sitting quietly and waiting for my arrows to be returned to me, when I was handed a score card. Then the scores were shouted down the field to me and I had to insert them into the relevant sections. No problem – but each set of half dozen scores has to be added up, then each total has to be added to the next half dozen total and so on until you get an overall score for a set of three dozen arrows.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow, I’m quite happy to do a little bit of mental maths … but I was less so after having been shooting for half an hour or so already. I suddenly realised how hard it is to combine physical activity with mental activity when messages aren’t getting about the body as efficiently as they might. However, I wasn’t going to admit this (!), so I took a deep breath and forced my brain into action!

Actually, having a scorecard and a score to aim for – my first badge was at stake! – made it a whole lot more fun and I am way too pleased to report that I earned that badge! I think the last time I was awarded a badge, I was in the Brownies!

my first badge

my first badge

No sooner had I reached this goal, than I was set another one … shooting from thirty yards rather than from twenty as I had been doing. Boy, is that a whole lot further! You can see the arrow quivering through the air as it decides where to land. You shoot from the further distance, then bring the target closer, and shoot again from twenty yards – which suddenly seems reassuringly close!

There are other targets scattered about the field, and I asked how far away they were – up to eighty or a hundred yards! Well, I shall just ignore those for now!

I realise that my posts have been predominately about archery recently, but we are hoping to get out on the tandem over the Christmas holiday period. In the meantime, archery is a brilliant excuse to sit in a field for a couple of hours without anyone thinking you are odd!

the packhorse bridge which leads to adventures

packhorse bridge leading to archery field


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6 thoughts on “Things Are Starting To Add Up

  1. You are getting out more than your, outdoor, little brother!

  2. Well done Mary – look forward to seeing more badges in the future

  3. I too find totaling up the score cards to be a pain. Just as I am reaching the end, someone says something and I instantly lose the numbers from my mind! I am not yet at the stage where I will carry a mini calculator on my belt .

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