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How I'm getting back out into the countryside whilst living with MS

Target Practice

You may remember that I attended a Paralympic Sportsfest event a few months ago (Being Inspired) where I tried out lots of sports (with varying degrees of success but much fun – especially on the horse!) and particularly enjoyed the archery. Afterwards, I was put in touch with a local club (http://www.whiterosearchers.co.uk/) and signed up for a course near to where I live. It was due to begin, distantly, in the autumn. Well, it must be autumn (even though the leaves are very much still green and on the trees) as last weekend, the course began!IMG_0920

There were 20-odd of us, ranging from about aged eight to, hmmm, reasonably mature. We were placed into groups of four or five, and each group had its own instructor. We were shown how to string a bow (not sure I’ll remember for next week though!), did a few (very!) gentle arm-stretching exercises, received some safety advice and then we were away!

I was really chuffed with my first shots and, in fact, did pretty decently generally until I started to tire, when the arrows seemed suddenly to mysteriously ping away to the outer rings of the target! There was a general feeling amongst us beginners that we were getting worse rather than better as time went on – there were a few tired arms by the end.archery092013

I was able to shoot from a stool that was kindly provided, and I sat down safely out of range in between my goes. After a while though I could feel my brain starting to shut down, plus I didn’t really want to end ignominiously with no arrows in the target area at all(!), so I sat out the last few rounds and watched. It was great to have a much better excuse than everyone else for my deteriorating form!

However, I shall be back next week, fully rested and ready to start afresh … apparently it feels like that with what we’ll be learning. Bring it on! (I think!)


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2 thoughts on “Target Practice

  1. It always looks so difficult to me. I wasn’t too bad at darts though but I suspect the hand-eye co-ordination of dart playing might not help with a bow! Glad you enjoyed your day.

    • Thank you, yes, it was good fun … though it was back to the drawing board for week two, using sights and finger guards. It was like starting afresh but harder!

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