A Breath of Fresh Air

How I'm getting back out into the countryside whilst living with MS

News Round-Up

Some cheering things to report: a member of my local MS Society, having read about my tandem adventures, is looking at cycling again for himself, post MS! He’s looking into the possibility of using a three-wheeler bike to help with balance.

In other bike-related news, we heard that electric bikes are no longer limited to one-person bikes and that it’s now feasible to get an electric tandem. We did not want to have to trade in our lovely bike so, after much surfing of the internet, Pete has tracked down a motor that will fix on to our bike.*

A few hours spent making the necessary adjustments later, it is now attached and we are raring to go on our very own electric wheels! We should be able to power up the Yorkshire hills no problem now on 250 watts of (road and bridleway legal) raw power! Especially as The Knee is improving steadily and should be up to doing a spot of pedalling now.

the new electric wheel

the new electric wheel

Elsewhere, I had a chat to my MS nurse, generally bemoaning the fact that there aren’t any suitable drugs for me for my MS circumstances. However, she told me about a recent course she attended where one speaker was emphasising the importance of keeping active so far as you can, along with healthy eating, so that you can cope with any relapses and underlying myelin damage.

It was a good reminder that doing what I can is important. Well, I knew really but it’s always good to hear it again out loud, and being able to do anything that might help against this condition is welcome – even better if it’s fun as well! Better check the kitchen cupboards though as I’ve been getting a bit slack on the healthy eating front recently!

And finally, I’ve booked to go on an archery course in the autumn …

* Details of how we added the electric wheel are on the About the Tandem page


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